Let's Find The Late-Night Cafés in Sydney That are Perfect for a Midnight Snack

Sep 05, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

Are you looking for a place to sit and eat at night in Sydney? Why not visit City Extra, Zaffi, Indian Home Diner, Caffe Roma, Hey Chú, Hubert, Nakano Darling, Big Poppa's, Kürtősh, EL LOCO, Bills Sydney for a midnight snack and have chitchat with loved ones?

Looking for a place to eat is similar to searching for sand at the beach. Therefore, when you are in Sydney and carve for something to eat, countless options will come your way. But the challenge is choosing the one that satisfies your late-night cravings and is worth your time.

We have enlisted the best late-night cafes in Sydney here to resolve your issue and make the decision easier. So, look over them, know a little about them, and choose any per your needs!

Late-Night Cafes In Sydney: An Overview

Finding late-night food in Sydney will not be difficult when you are in Sydney. Below are the best cafes you will find in the city:

City Extra

When you can't find any place to sit, eat, and relax at night, head towards City Extra. You will find it open and welcoming with some of its delicious snacks. The café has been catering to hundreds of customers for the last 30 years over 24 hours. Whether there are shift workers, police officers, or hospitality workers, everyone who needs a healthy breakfast earlier in the morning, the café provides them.


Zaffi remains open late at night and is famous for its high ceilings. Therefore, you can dance on the tables as well. On the ground floor, you will find the Australian Lebanese mezze plates downstairs, and you can visit their jazzy pink bar, which stays open till 4 a.m.

Hey Chú

The café is being operated from a hotel and remains open till 3 a.m. on the weekends. It is a nice place for late-night carvings where you can enjoy the vibe and click some amazing photos. After 9 p.m., you can get a list of delicious food, including smoked and grilled meat and their signature cocktails. Here, you will find some locals performing all along the week. But, on the weekends, DJs come to entertain the customers.

Nakano Darling

The café is serving you late-night food at a very warm place. You can find various dishes, including gyoza, fried chicken, and highballs, their specialty. Calling this café a heaven of fried food would not be wrong. Karaage and gyoza are available in different serving sizes. So, you can choose per your needs. Also, you can have lotus root chips, corn butter cheese, and fried udon with pork there.


You will forget everything as you will this café. Regardless of the time, you will find this place equally crowded and lively. A glass office encloses it. It remains open till 1 a.m. every night and does not open on Sunday. The place is the perfect option when searching for snacks late at night.

Big Poppa's

The place is cozy and peaceful even if you enter so late there. From 8 p.m. to 3 in the morning, you will find this equally warm and lighted. You will find a street-style restaurant upstairs that gives classic vibes. On the downside, there is a moodily-lit bar. Many people come here to enjoy the cheese platters late at night after walking on Oxford Street. So, if you are looking for late-night restaurants in Sydney, this is the place to go.

Indian Home Diner

For many years, this cafe has become the most popular place to enjoy kebabs with curry. You will find it on Oxford St., and the café serves a long range of Indian dishes, including samosas, tandoori bread, and curries.

Here, you can order a naan, whether plain or garlic, per your taste and enjoy it with potato croquette or onions; you will feel yourself in heaven. To satisfy late-night hunger, you must visit this place and learn why it is one of our favorite cafes in Sydney!


If you want quesadillas late at night, this is the best place. It was opened in 2011, and from then on, it has completely changed the place. The vibe, energy, and warmth you feel at this place are worth considering. The quesadillas with a countless number of fillings are available there. So, while amazed by their remarkable décor, you can try many of their dishes. So, why not give it a try this time?


The place is famous for its chimney-shaped pastry, made from caramelized. The pastry has a flaky outer with soft inner layers. You can add the spices or nuts per your taste. Also, don't forget to taste their famous dessert and coffee.

The place is good at making cakes and has also gained for their coffee. Since the day they have started the café, they have maintained their taste and quality. Therefore, this is the best place to enjoy the coffee as the sun goes down.

Bills Sydney

It is an incredible place that pulls in the people from the streets. So, this place is a must-visit if you want to eat something or have a cup of coffee. They remain open until 10 p.m., which might be that late, but a nice place to grab a coffee before a long walk in cold weather.

Caffe Roma

The place is popular for its home-cooked Italian meal. They have served the customer for 25 years with the same taste and quality. You can enjoy the delicious pasta, salads, pizza, and homemade pesto gnocchi with olive oil here. Undoubtedly, there, you can get anything to satisfy your cravings. But don't forget to take a bite of their most popular buffalo mozzarella pizza.


Finding a quality place to relax and eat at night is a serious challenge. So, when you are hunting for the best late-night cafes in Sydney, head towards City Extra, Indian Home Diner, Zaffi, Caffe Roma, Nakano Darling, Hey Chú, Hubert, Big Poppa's, EL LOCO, Kürtősh, Bills Sydney. Whichever place you visit, all of these will serve you with the best of the best and worth your time and money.

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