How to Store Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Honeydew

Sep 20, 2023 By Triston Martin

The summertime is almost over, and for the last time this year, you can enjoy the taste and juicy flavor of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. These are nature’s best gifts and taste amazing when ripe.

But the issue is you cannot eat them in one sitting and have to wonder how you store them as a whole or when cut into pieces. You cannot just juice them all and cap them up in a bottle. This article answers your questions about watermelon how to store and enjoy it fully. We will also discuss how to store cantaloupe and honeydew to complete the trifecta of watery fruits.

What's the Major Difference About These 3 Melon Types?

While you might have typically heard people using melon for both melon and watermelon, in actuality, they are pretty different and belong to different families.

To start with, watermelon is part of the genus called Citrullus lanatus, while on the other hand, a regular melon is from Cucumis melo. You would be surprised to hear that there are over 16 groups of melon categorized from the cultivar groups.

Honeydew melon belongs to the Inodorous group, one of these 16 categories. Similarly, cantaloup is part of muskmelons known to man as one of the sweetest melons we discuss today. And these muskmelons belong to the Reticulatus group.

Now that you know which is which and which group they belong to, let's get to the meat of the article: how to store each of these melons so that they stay fresh longer.

When Are the Melons Ripe Enough to Pick?

Most farmers share that when different types of melons are ready to be picked, their connection with the vine starts drying up. Just opposite the junction, there is a tendril which, when it dries up, indicates to the farmers that it's time to pick. None of the melons ripe off the wines but do soften up.

How to Store These Melons?

We’ll start with watermelon how to store them to keep them fresh longer.

How to Store Watermelons?

Watermelons have a thick skin around them, typically shielding them from harsher weather, but they do have their limit. For watermelon how to store issues, you need to understand that they can be damaged if the temperature is colder, like a refrigerator. So, the best temperature for them is between 50-59 °F.

To achieve that, experts recommend placing them in a cooler instead of a freezer or refrigerator, which is kept cooler and stable with ice packs. Typically, a towel is placed between the melons and icepacks to prevent sudden decreases in temperature. If you keep changing the ice packs regularly, these watermelons can last over two weeks and remain fresh.

If you don’t have access to a cooler, as we said, the refrigerator is still a better option than keeping them at room temperature. Just keeping them away from hot and humid conditions is the key.

How to Store Cantaloupe and Keep Them Fresh?

We just discussed how to store a watermelon and keep it fresh for up to 3 weeks, and now that we have discussed cantaloupe, you need to understand one thing. Every group has different conditions in which they can stay fresh, so the horticultural group is the key.

So if you want to store cantaloupe, you need to keep them between 36°F and 40°F, and if you keep the range, you can also transport them easily. Unlike watermelon, this temperature range is similar to an average refrigerator and can store cantaloupe and keep it fresh.

When they start smelling sweet, you must take them off the pantry shelf or shop counter and store them in a refrigerator.

How to Store All Honeydew?

If you are wondering how to efficiently store all honeydew when it's whole and not ripe, room temperature is best for them. The honeydew will take its sweet time to ripen appropriately at room temperature, giving you ample time to keep it on the shelf. But remember, as soon as it is ripe, it can last 4-5 days before refrigerating it.

As a whole fruit, if you start storing it in the fridge, it can stay fresh for as long as 2-3 weeks, depending on how ripe it is.

How to Store All Honeydew When it's Cut?

Like most melons, their water content is high; they can spoil easily and quickly once you cut any of them. After they are cut, they must be stored in airtight containers and in a fridge. It can keep its quality and taste for up to 4-5 days stored this way.

How Do You Know When They Have Gone Bad?

The first sign is you get to smell an off-putting odor. If you shake the melons, you will hear a washy sound if you haven't cut it yet. Finally, the surface starts pitting, indicating the melon is old.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find the best watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, you should enjoy these fantastic fruits until they last. You can buy a few and store them with the tips mentioned in the article until next summer.

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