Understanding What Are Over Medium Eggs: An Ultimate Guide

Sep 04, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

Over medium eggs have a firm white but slightly runny, saucy, loose, and custard-like yolk and are immensely popular among individuals because of their versatility and nutritional value.

Many health enthusiasts ask for over medium eggs for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. These eggs are perfect as toppings for toast, burgers, or a bowl of potatoes or grilled vegetables.

If, like many people, you think that over-medium eggs are the perfect fried eggs and are curious to know more about their health benefits, go nowhere. This article has all you need to know about your favorite food!

What Are Over Medium Eggs?

The over-medium eggs are somewhat in between the over-easy and over-hard eggs. These have a perfectly cooked white, but that is not rubbery. Also, the egg yolk is saucy but is not super runny.

The over-medium eggs are cooked the same way as the over-easy eggs. But, they take a little longer (5 to 6 minutes over the low/medium flame) and are flipped during cooking.

You get a perfect over medium egg with partially cooked yolk, which is runny in the center with crispy brown edges. People prefer medium eggs for breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, salads, or with toast.

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits Of Over Medium Eggs

Nutritional Facts Of Over Medium Eggs

The eggs are rich in nutrients that are essential for your body. Below are a few nutritional facts about overcooked eggs you need to know:

  1. The eggs provide enough proteins to grow, develop, and repair muscles and hairs.
  2. You can get many essential minerals from over medium eggs, including zinc, iron, and selenium. All of these minerals are needed for the proper working of the body.
  3. You can get fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and E) and water-soluble vitamins (B12) from medium eggs.

Health Benefits Of Over Medium Eggs

Now, let’s look over the health benefits you can get by adding medium eggs to your diet:

  1. The eggs are rich in protein and low in calories, so it is good to have them if you are on a fat-loss journey.
  2. The vitamins and minerals from over-medium eggs are crucial for brain health.
  3. Vitamin in the over-medium eggs is necessary for vision and supports eye health.
  4. The omega-3 fatty acids in eggs benefit heart health. Besides that, the eggs significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How To Make Over Medium Eggs?

Getting a perfectly cooked white with a slightly runny yolk becomes a real challenge for many people regarding over-medium eggs. If you are also one of them, just below are the step-by-step directions on “how to fry the over medium eggs.”

Ingredients Needed To Cook Over Medium Eggs

  • Eggs (try to choose the fresh eggs to ge perfect cooked eggs as you get at the restaurant)
  • Black pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • Nonstick skillet
  • Butter

How To Cook Over Medium Eggs: Step By Step Guide

All you need to cook the over-medium eggs perfectly is practice while the cooking process will not take longer. Below is how you can make the over-medium eggs step by step:

Step 1: Selection Of The Pan

Choose the right pan if you get to cook the over-medium eggs perfectly. A shallow skillet pan with curved edges would be a perfect choice, but ensure it is nonstick.

Step 2: Add The Butter To Pan

Now, add the butter, but you can also use oil or a nonstick spray instead. It will not let the eggs stick in the pan. You will need butter even if you have a nonstick pan.

Step 3: Check And Ensure Pan Is Hot

Before adding the eggs, ensure that the butter or oil is hot enough. In this way, you will perfect crispy edges.

Step 4: Flip The Egg

First, let the eggs to get cook on one side. Once the egg is set enough, flip it to the other side. But, before flipping the egg, ensure that the white is firm and the yolk has become solid at the bottom. If you flip the egg earlier, the yolk will break instead of a perfectly cooked over medium egg.

Can You Get The Over Medium Eggs Without Flipping?

Yes, you can get a perfect over medium egg without flipping. You get a perfect over-medium egg by flipping and cooking it for longer. But, if you don’t want to flip it over, cook the egg for a few minutes without flipping. In this way, you will get a sunny-side-up egg that is firm.

But ensure the pan is well-greased and hot enough before adding the egg. Also, you will get crispy edges because of the oil or butter.

Over Medium Egg vs. Over Easy Egg

Both over medium and over easy eggs are fried eggs flipped over to let the top layers of the egg set perfectly. But, there is a little difference between both types of eggs:

  • Over Easy Eggs: These eggs are cooked for 30 to 60 seconds. Though the egg is flipped over, you still get a runny yolk.
  • Over Medium Eggs: The over-medium eggs are cooked for about one to two minutes longer after flipping. Therefore, you get a loose and slightly runny yolk.


Over medium eggs with their firm white and runny yolk are the perfect option for breakfast or any time you want to eat a fried egg. These eggs offer countless health benefits and are rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals. So, all the healthy nutrients keep your body healthy and active. Above all, the over-medium eggs can be cooked easily at home, and you don’t need to go to a restaurant!

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